What our influencers offer to brands?

Brand ambassador
People trust people. Consumers often ignore brand promoted messages so get your brand endorsed by influencers who provide a trusted voice.
Personal Engagement and appearances
Influencers have inspiring stories on and offline to tell and engage with your customers on daily basis. Invite them to cross country campaigns, product launches, in-store events, conferences, road shows, seminars or more.
Content creation
Influencers style, shoot and create content such as product shots, sponsored social media posts, travel vlogs, tutorials videos etc.
Digital, Print & On-camera campaigns and product placement
Social influencer campaigns are not only about shout out of your brand messages, but adding values to your audience newsfeed. People look to their favorite influencers for trends and inspiration. Place the right product to the right Influencer to properly showcase your product.

What we offer to brands?

We match your brands with our social influencers from a network covering lifestyle, travel, sports, fashion, beauty, entertainment, technology, F&B and more. We connect you to the great content creators on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, Weibo, WeChat, LINE and more, provoke conversation, drive engagement and ensure your campaign objectives and brand values reach the right people at the right time. You do not always need influencers with millions of fans but ones who bespoke you!

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